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Vanport has offices in the U.S. and on-the-ground sales in Japan. We also have on-the-ground support in Europe, South America and throughout Asia. Through our worldwide network of sales and support we are able to supply our customers with softwood and hardwood lumber that meets their needs.

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Paul Owen Chris Ketcham Shinobu Okajima Eliazar Lopez
President General
Office & Logistics
South America
Joined 1988
BA Oregon State University
Certified JAS Grader
Fluent in Japanese
Joined 1983
BA UC-Berkley
MBA University of Oregon
Joined 1995

Native Japanese speaker
Joined 2018

Native Spanish speaker

Asia Team

Eric Chen Simon Lei Jiekun Wang
Sales Manager
Asia Sales and Purchasing
Joined 2005
BA Pacific University
MIM Portland State University
Speaks 4 Languages

European Imports and USA Sales

Brian Crossley Dave Jara
GM Europe
& US Sales
Sales Manager
North America
Phone: +1 (250) 714-1678
Skype: brian.crossley
Phone: +1 (360) 510-9893

Millworks - Reman and Kilns

Dan Williams
Manager & Sales
Phone: 503-663-4466

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