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Vanport International occupies a unique position in the international wood products supply chain. We create value by linking high-quality wood product producers throughout the world with high-value end users in Japan and Asian markets, providing unsurpassed quality, integrity and responsive market information.


Vanport is committed to sourcing wood products from certified sustainable sources.

Our company continuously strives to implement and achieve the PEFC® CoC standards. As such, we bring forth our best efforts to avoid selling and marketing wood products that are:

• Illegally harvested
• Harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights
• Harvested where global conservation priorities are threatened
• Harvested in natural forests being converted to plantations or non-forest uses
• Harvested from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted

Vanport has developed and adopted appropriate documents, manuals and procedures to help guide its staff on compliance for our Chain of Custody requirements. We are committed to annually monitor and review the effectiveness of our policies and associated programs to continually improve and broaden the practice of sustainable forestry and sawmilling.

Paul D. Owen,
Vanport International, Inc.



Vanport has decades of experience in softwood export, with established relationships in countries across the globe. We staff native speakers of English, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian, capable of handling the entire shipment to ensure your product arrives on time.

Our Products

The core of Vanport’s business is softwood lumber. Cutting for both metric and imperial markets, our focus is supplying consistent high quality forest products. Vanport has also partnered with hardwood mills on the US East Coast to bring high quality furniture and flooring grade hardwoods to the Asian Pacific Markets. The majority of our products consist of Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, and various Pines – but include softwood species native to and plantation grown in the Western US, Canada, Europe, South America and the Russian Far East. We also handle the export sales and marketing for multiple hardwood species such as Red Oak, Maple, Alder as well as Aromatic Red Cedar. Vanport has an established proprietary grade rule for manufacturing all export products. We oversee the quality standards for grade, moisture content, size tolerance, and general appearance. Vanport also offers custom cutting programs, cutting to order, and custom drying of specialty products.

Manufacturer Representation

Vanport brings expertise in sawmilling, lumber grading, and quality control on-site, ensuring the quality of the products it represents and markets.


• Container Stuffing
• Overseas Shipping
• Export Certification & Documentation
• Lumber Quality Control


It all starts with the log. This is our approach to sawmilling. If you are considering cutting for export, give us a call. Our team will analyze the potential of initiating a program at your mill.

Vanport International, Inc.

Vanport has offices in the U.S., Canada and Russia and on-the-ground sales in Japan. We also have on-the-ground support in Europe, South America and throughout Asia. Through our worldwide network of sales and support we are able to supply our customers with softwood and hardwood lumber that meets their needs.

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Vanport Russia

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Forestry Partnership

Vanport Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanport International, is committed to responsible and holistic forest management practices that embrace the myriad of values of B.C.'s unique forest ecosystem.

As far as B.C. First Nations are concerned, we wholeheartedly support the fact that your traditional lands must be protected and developed in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner that respects your history and traditions.

Our comprehensive resource management services focus on sustainable forest management for both timber and non-timber forest products. Since its formation in 1967, Vanport has successfully assisted numerous First Nation communities in Washington and Oregon with the development, marketing and sales of their logs and lumber.

Our Canadian office is now expanding its operations and would like to leverage this considerable experience by working with your band, and other B.C. First Nations to assist with forest management and marketing programs.

Our Services

• Comprehensive management of all aspects of forest license management - from planning to harvest to marketing

• Development and implementation of a thorough log marketing plan to achieve the best return to the land

• Alternative use planning and feasibility (e.g. use of surplus or waste wood for bioenergy production)

• Community employment and training strategies that create sustainable, local and skilled resource-focused employment

• Training in sales, marketing and quality control for local community members

• Business development support for new and innovative initiatives that respond to market and social conditions

Vanport's significant experience working with U.S. First Nations communities has taught us to recognize and respect the precious natural and human resources available in communities like yours. We work with you every step of the way to assist you in deriving long-term value from these resources by helping find the best possible markets for the individual log species from your lands and branding the products you produce in a manner that proudly and honorably represents your people.

Moreover, in the long run, the resource management services, program development and comprehensive training we provide creates a range of forest-based employment and economic opportunities for your members.

We look forward to working for your Nation, for your land, and for your future.


There are two Japanese expressions for quality. The first expression is atarimae hinshitsu, (当たり前品質) which is the concept that things should work as they are supposed to. For example, flooring has a functional part in the house and when the functionality is met, atarimae quality is met.


The second Japanese expression for quality is miryoku teki hinshitsu (魅力的品質) which is the concept that things should have an aesthetic quality which is different from the functional quality of "atarimae hinshitsu.” So the miryoku teki of wood in a house would include the rich depth of color, fine grain texture, the absence of knotholes or defect. It is aesthetic quality that appeals not to a person’s need for functionality, but rather to a person's desire to surround themself with inherently beautiful things.

Each piece is selected by hand.

Started in 1980, and taking almost 2 years to complete, the purpose of the Teahouse is to demonstrate Vanport’s commitment to Japanese tradition and quality. Each piece of lumber was carefully hand selected as it came through the sawmill. The classically trained carpenter took into consideration that both atarimae hinshitsu and miryokuteki were met throughout the project. True to tradition, the Teahouse was built using 1000 year old Zairai (在来) or post and beam construction techniques. This involves intricate hand carving of the wood at each of the joinery locations, much like pieces of a puzzle. The end result is a balance of craftsmanship and natural beauty. It is a symbol of our dedication to quality and customer service. Today The Teahouse serves as a familiar environment for us to showcase the variety of products Vanport offers, in use, in their final form.


Vanport Manufacturing, Inc. is formed with the purpose of processing small logs for domestic lumber and exporting large logs to Japan.


With the restriction of log export to Japan, Vanport's small log sawmill is remodeled to process larger logs for the Japanese market.


A Japanese model home (the Teahouse) is built next to the Boring office to showcase all the products produced by Vanport's mills. Vanport is named “Exporter of the Year” by the Governor of Oregon.


Vanport receives The Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award on May 15, 1986.


Vanport becomes the first sawmill outside of Japan to receive the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards) stamp of approval from the Japanese government, and begins marketing for Douglas County and Columbia Vista.


Vanport International is formed to better serve all of Vanport's partner mills with dedicated quality control, production, and marketing personnel. An office in Russia is established as well.


Vanport International begins assisting the Yakama Indian Nation by building a sawmill and training tribal millworkers and management staff in the operation of the mill and the marketing of lumber.


Vanport begins marketing lumber for export to Japan from other U.S., Canadian, and European sawmills, providing guidance in manufacturing, grading, and lumber marketing.


Vanport establishes an office in Canada.


Vanport enters new markets with representation for forest products in China.


Vanport's Chris Ketcham is named Timber Processing Magazine's “Man of the Year” for his accomplishments in the planning and management of the Yakama sawmill.


Vanport receives FSC® Chain of Custody certification on March 23, 2008 and begins assisting the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs with the operation and management of their sawmill.


Vanport receives its PEFC Chain of Custody certification on November 28th, 2012.